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The night of museums 2017

The night of museums 2017

26 January 2017

THE NIGHT OF MUSEUMS 2017 The Croatian museum society has been spearheading the Night of Museums event for the eleventh year in a row. It has evolved into an unsurpassable cultural manifestation with the aim to give recognition to museums as dynamic institutions, propagating research activities, inovation and creativity. By advocating heritage and its influence on modern tendencies, the event instigates the key role of museum in its interaction with the surrounding, by ushering in new kinds of visitors and safeguarding sustained development of museums and community. The 12th Night of Museums which will be held on the 27th January 2017, from 6pm to 1am after midnight, will focus on Music and great musicians as well as their influence on society. The event is driven by the mission to collect, preserve and showcase the material and immaterial cultural heritage to the wide audience, which museums and other institutions inherit through their collections, but it also endeavours to point at the tremendous influence that music and its creators had throughout history to this very day in the modern age.

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