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mZIPP – City Zagreb in the palm of your hand

mZIPP – City Zagreb in the palm of your hand

09 February 2017

Mobile application mZIPP is a useful and interesting source of all spatial data collected by Zagreb city administration, city companies and institutions. mZIPP provides users with a quick and easy access to spatial data connected to their current or chosen location – from address and accurate house number, local committees and city districts to cadastral data for individual parcels and their zoning category. Application enables search of city institutions’ locations by predefined thematic groups (City administration, Health, Culture etc.) so that the users can easily find basic information (contact, category, activity) on all institutions.

Application is aimed for the public and relies on official spatial data of the City of Zagreb, structured into thematic layers which simplify browsing and search for the selected area or the whole city. The datasets are updated and new layers of data are added at least once a year, depending on the requirements of the city administration bodies and city companies.

Application mZIPP is result of collaboration of City Office for the Strategic Planning and Development of the City which has collected, analysed and prepared the datasets and APIS IT that developed the application. Please direct all questions concerning use of application and proposals for improvements to the e-mail:

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